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About Robin Clayton

Medium and Reiki Healer

I have been in Spiritualism for over 12 years, I first saw mediums working in the back room of a Black Country pub where I was told that I would be working for spirit. But a couple of years later and after lots of visits to Spiritualist churches (I never even knew it was a religion) I met the late Olwyn Griffiths of Kidderminster who became my mentor. Where I progressed along my spiritual pathway under Olwyns guidance.

I have continued Olwyns work by passing the knowledge on to others, through awareness groups, circles and workshops. I serve Spiritualist churches and centres doing demonstrations of mediumship. I am a qualified Reiki Master and Healer, who works with the energies in many ways. I also teach Reiki and energy awareness at weekend workshops and seminars.

Hafan-y-Coed Spiritual Centre

Eamonn Downey with Robin

Arthur Findlay College

Mal Fletcher & Robin Clayton

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